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Order Phentermine From India

Order Phentermine From India

November 23rd – December 23rd

Christmas Fayre and Full Menu available

Christmas Eve

Christmas Fayre, Full Menu and Specials available

Christmas Day
Pub open for drinks 11AM — 4PM

Dining Sittings 12PM — 2PM

Boxing Day

Pub open for drinks 12PM to Late

Restaurant open 12pm to 8:45pm

Full menu and specials available


December 27th to 30th
Open as Normal.

Full Menu and specials available.

New Year’s Eve
Pub open from 11AM til late.

Restaurant open 12 to 9:45pm.

Full Menu available.

Free Sparkling Aperitif for diners. Booking essential.

New Year’s Day
Full Menu available.

Restaurant open 12-2, 4:30-8:45

Pub open 12pm til Late.